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The World Wrestling Resource Podcast breaks down wrestling topics in the news, offers technical and tactical training advice and features guests all with a unique resource for the sport of wrestling. The WWR Podcast is proudly sponsored by DefenseSoap.

Sep 22, 2016

World champions Dennis Hall and Terry Brands return to the World Wrestling Resource Podcast with Episode 34 as the two tackle the Cadet and Junior World Championships, rule changes and international discipline.

We first tackle the new rule change handed down by United World Wrestling that eliminates forced par terre in...

Sep 9, 2016

With the Olympic championships won by Kyle Snyder and Helen Maroulis, there is no shortage of people who helped them attain those goals. Two of those individuals will join us today on Episode 33 of the World Wrestling Resource Podcast -- Ohio State head wrestling coach Tom Ryan and Sunkist Kids women's coach and...