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The World Wrestling Resource Podcast breaks down wrestling topics in the news, offers technical and tactical training advice and features guests all with a unique resource for the sport of wrestling. The WWR Podcast is proudly sponsored by DefenseSoap.

Oct 27, 2014

On Episode 4 of the World Wrestling Resource Podcast, host Jason Bryant is joined by University of Dubuque head coach Jon McGovern, Greco-Roman World Champion Dennis Hall, freestyle World Champion and University of Iowa associate head coach Terry Brands. In addition to the normal staff from WWR on the call, we're...

Oct 7, 2014

On Episode 3 of the World Wrestling Resource Podcast, the staff of Jon McGovern, Dennis Hall and Terry Brands is joined by Compound's Cliff Fretwell.


Fretwell, based in Atlanta, Georgia, runs a club system as well as a gear company based around the "Compound" name. 


This episode is full of relevant discussion...