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The World Wrestling Resource Podcast breaks down wrestling topics in the news, offers technical and tactical training advice and features guests all with a unique resource for the sport of wrestling. The WWR Podcast is proudly sponsored by DefenseSoap.

Nov 20, 2014

On Episode 6 of the World Wrestling Resource Podcast, three-time World Champion Lee Kemp joins the roundtable and we discuss the marketability of wrestlers, nutrition as well as some thoughts on the Kyle Dake match against Arsen Julfalakyan at the Grapple at the Garden.

As always, the World Wrestling Resource features...

Nov 11, 2014

In Episode 5 of the World Wrestling Resource Podcast, the discussion centers around one of the most important traits a wrestler can possess -- mental toughness.


We hear from two of the best minds in wrestling, world champions Dennis Hall and Terry Brands, about their own theories about becoming mentally tough and...